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Assiniboine Reserve at Sintaluta, Saskatchewan,
still bears the name, Niokskatas—Crow Foot.

The next time I saw Chief Carry-the-Kettle
was in 1922—on the Assiniboine Reserve at Sin-
taluta. He was then 107 years old5 and he was
totally blind. Though lying ill on his pallet in
his teepee, he insisted on getting up and coming
out into the sunshine to meet me in the open—
standing on his two feet—as befits a chief when
greeting another chief from a former enemy tribe.
He threw back his aged shoulders proudly and
raised his blinded face to me in all the hauteur of
his younger days—and he said:

'Tatonka Wahunkeza - honska (Chief Long
Lance), I greet you in the name of the Assini-
boines. You are the first member of your tribe
I have seen since I was out in your country many
years ago. Your great chief Niokskatas is dead;
I have heard it. And so is Mekasto, your other
great chief. When they were born I was leading
the Assiniboines as their chief. Now they have
come and gone, and still I am spared. I do not
know why. I was a bad fellow when I was
young. I killed many warriors. We were all
bad then*—the chief meditated for a moment
and then concluded—*but I suppose it was just
our way/

Four months later, on February 23, 1923,
Chief Carry-the-Kettle passed Into the Great Un-